Download Ep Detect

To download the EpDetect application to your mobile phone, first check that your phone is on the list of compatible phones.

For Android equipped phones access the Android market on your mobile phone and search for EpDetect, then select download when Epdetect is displayed.

For Windows Mobile 6.1 equipped phones follow the instructions to download Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework version 3.5. If your phone is on the list please follow the instructions below:"

  • Open this web site using the web browser on your mobile phone and click the DOWNLOAD link to download the software
  • When prompted “open or save”, select OPEN
  • When prompted “device or storage card” select DEVICE
  • The software will automatically install, this should take up to a minute
  • On completion a “successfully installed” message will be displayed
  • Close the browser

  • An EpDetect program icon will appear in your program menu
  • Download and follow the user manual to setup EpDetect
Download EpDetect application from mobile phone

Download .NET 3.5

To run EpDetect you need to have installed .NET 3.5. To install .NET 3.5, you must first connect your phone to your PC and run ActiveSync. Then using your browser on your PC, select the Microsoft link below to download 'NETCFSetupv35.msi'. If your phone is not connected to your PC, ActiveSync will store the CAB file and will not install .NET 3.5 until you connect.

download .net 3.5


Click the link to download if you do not already have ActiveSync installed on your PC.

Download ActiveSync

If you have any problems please contact us at

Compatible phone for EpDetect application
Epilepsy application user manual
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